Your application must include information about:

• the age range, sex and maximum number of students

• whether the school will provide accommodation for students, if a boarding application

• whether the school will be organised to provide for students with special educational needs

An inspection will take place in your school once the application has been received and reviewed. will be inspected and your details will be entered onto the register if it is suitable.

DfE Application to register an independent school

In addition to information, which will be provided as a consequence of completing the application form, certain other information must also be provided.

The supporting documents required are as follows (and the last 7 need to be compliant with the ISS if an application is to be granted): 

  • A statement that the school is an independent school
  • A plan showing the layout of the school premises and any accommodation provided
  • A written policy on the curriculum as well as curriculum plans and schemes of work
  • These need to take into account the ages and aptitudes and therefore should cover all year groups at the school
  • A written framework for the evaluation of pupil performance 

  • A written policy on behaviour setting out, amongst other matters, the sanctions to be adopted in the event of pupil misbehaviour
  • Particulars of the school’s arrangements to safeguard and promote the welfare of pupils at the school
  • Particulars of the school’s arrangements to ensure that relevant health and safety laws are complied with 

  • The school’s anti-bullying strategy 

  • The school’s procedure for the handling of complaints from parents of pupils

All applications must also be accompanied by:

If the proprietor is an individual:

Their full name and any previous names, usual residential address, telephone number, email address (if the individual has one), date of birth and national insurance number

If the proprietor is a body of persons corporate or incorporate:

Its name and the address, telephone number and email address (if it has one) of its registered or principal office and;

The full names and any previous names, usual residential addresses, dates of birth and national insurance numbers of each member of the body of persons, including the chair of the body.

In relation to the proprietor or, if the proprietor is a body of persons corporate or incorporate, the chair of the body: 

  • a statement of the proprietor’s, or chair’s employment history for the period of five years prior to the date on which the application was made containing the name of the institution(s) at which any post was held and the title of any post held 

  • a photograph, which is a current likeness of the proprietor or, as the case, may be, the chair.